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Minimize Sales Damage.

Piracy is the biggest threat to the Software, Music and Publishing Industries. Nowadays, there are countless illegal sites making profit by offering copyrighted, protected material for free. Needless to say, this negatively impacts sales results, marketing efforts while diminishing perceived product value.

"The number of complaints we have received from our authors has dropped dramatically. We have noticed an increase in international sales for one of our best-selling titles. We can and have recommended their service to other publishers. The cost of the service is justified.” - The MIT Press

Maximize Online Traffic.

Driving traffic to your website, and ultimately converting interest, is vital for running a profitable business. Infringing websites, which offer your products for free, hijack these potential clients. By detecting and removing these unwanted pages, Link-Busters offers search engine optimization for your brand on a per-product level.

"Our team has saved countless hours of manually searching for infringements. We noticed an increase in website traffic and improved rankings on search-engines. Most importantly, more people have registered on our site and we have seen an increase in sales for products under protection.” - Vandalism Sounds


How does it work?

Check the video for an explanation of how our system works.

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