The benefits of using Link-Busters

Link Busters

Search Engine Optimization

Once Link-Busters starts protecting client content, the legal websites see an instant lift on Google, as they are no longer competing with pirate sites offering the same content for free.

Customer Loyalty

When customers purchase from or register on your website, it creates the potential for you to engage them, better understand them, and expose them to additional products that they might also enjoy or need.

Return on Investment

It is so frustrating to know that your marketing efforts have created demand for your product, only to be hijacked by sites that host your pirated content, and on top of that make a profit from it.

Market Intelligence

Removing copies and links to your content (and tracking the process) gives you valuable insight in your potential market. For example, a sudden spike in piracy for a piece of content signals renewed demand for it. In this case, a marketing push (combined with the removal of pirated copies and links) could easily result in a sharp sales increase.

Why are we better?

Link Busters

Scalable yet personal

Link-Busters' service was created by and for rights holders, as a consequence we understand the range of emotions that creatives feel when their work has been pirated, and their subsequent need for an adequate remedy.

Link Busters

Need actionable data?

The first anti-piracy service to provide a live portal with live take down results. This full transparency provides our clients with real-time information which improves marketing decisions and drives more sales.

Real-time sales guide Learn how you can turn piracy into profit

Link Busters

Insight in your campaign

Our online portal provides real-time reporting, which reveals insight into piracy and online demand, while showcasing the effectiveness of your anti-piracy campaign.

Link Busters

Customizable Dashboard

The portal can be customized per user, offering specialist views on titles, authors and publishing divisions and is packed with advanced tools for link searching and link submissions.

Link Busters

Features included

Realtime Data

We are aware that every business is unique and therefore needs its own special approach.

Advanced search settings

To derive the data from our portal, a global search field is available, offering a quick and easy drill-down possibility into your data.

Key statistics export

Statistics are vital for any business. Our results data can be exported for internal reporting or correlation with other key systems in your company.

Global privacy overview

Our main dashboard will give an instant overview of the current and historic piracy activity for your assets.

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