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Find more infingements and remove them faster

Link-Busters invests in research, identifying new threats to your content and adding them to our system on a daily basis. This considerably minimizes these links from spreading to other sites.

Link Busters

Our tools match your information needs

Our team of professionals will protect your content while you focus on other aspects of your business. If, in addition, you want to delve into the data, our system provides many ways to interact with our strategy, analyze that data and create reports.

Link Busters

The complete solution at your fingertips

Link-Busters invests in mapping the Internet and adding new threats to your content to our system on a daily basis. Unlike other anti-piracy vendors, we scan the Internet many times a day and send take-down notices instantly. This considerably reduces the number of illegal downloads and minimizes these links spreading to other sites.

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Link Busters

Acquire more customers

Link-Busters doesn't just protect content. We also help clients to grow sales and acquire new customers. Clients have reported an increase in traffic to their website (even redirects from piracy sites) enabling them to convert interested parties into paying customers.


(search engine optimization)

Once Link-Busters begins protecting client content, the legal websites see an instant lift on Google, as they are no longer competing with pirate sites offering the same content for free.

Customer Loyalty

When customers purchase from or register on your website, it creates the potential for you to engage them, better understand them, and expose them to additional products that they might also enjoy or need.


(return on investment)

It is so frustrating to know that your marketing efforts have created demand for your product, only to be hijacked by sites that host your pirated content, and on top of that make a profit from it.


(market intelligence)

Removing copies and links to your content (and tracking the process) gives you valuable insight in your potential market. For example, a sudden spike in piracy for a piece of content signals renewed demand for it. In this case, a marketing push (combined with the removal of pirated copies and links) could easily result in a sharp sales increase.

See why other clients trust us

Link-Busters has only been in business since 2010 and still holds the record for the most links and unauthorized copies removed in many segments.

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