Link Busters

Our online portal provides real-time reporting, which reveals insight into piracy and online demand, while showcasing the effectiveness of your anti-piracy campaign.

The portal can be customized per user, offering specialist views on titles, authors and publishing divisions and is packed with advanced tools for link searching and link submissions.

Need actionable data?

The first anti-piracy service offering a live portal with take-down results, which provides full time transparency and real-time information to improve marketing decisions and increase sales.

Features included:

Realtime Data

Advanced Search Options

Multiple Member Access

Key Statistics Support

Link Busters

Real-time sales guide Learn how you can turn piracy into profit

Scaleable yet personal

Link-Busters service was created by and for rights holders, we understand the range of emotions that creatives feel knowing that their work is being stolen and the importance of having a solution that works.

Link Busters

List management:

Automatic Tier Switching

Manual List Changes

API support

Advanced Custom Reporting

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