Piracy: the problem

How piracy works

Pirated content rapidly spreads online: when a pirated copy is first made available on a pirate website, links are quickly shared on referral sites, causing the illegal availability to spread fast and exponentially.

Hardcore Pirates

Mindset: Everything should be free!
Discovery Method: Piracy Sites

Opportunistic Pirates

Mindset: I’ll just check if I can get it free first!
Discovery Method: Google and Piracy Sites

Accidental Pirates

Mindset: Wow - I can get if for free here
Discovery Method: Google

Reluctant Upgraders

Mindset: I bought V1 so I can take V2
Discovery Method: Google and Piracy Sites

Link Busters

A simple metaphor

Imagine owning a brick-and-mortar shop that is surrounded with other shops offering the same product and using the same advertising. Not an ideal situation to run a shop - especially if the product is the same.

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Piracy: the solution


Using patented technology our service will perform multiple scans per day to detect infringements the moment they appear online. Our relatively young company (founded in 2010) holds the record for the most links and unauthorized copies removed.


Our A.I. proprietary algorithms verify piracy automatically (up to 99%) so TDN's can instantly be sent to infringing sites. In case an infringement is not verified directly, our QA team will assess.


You’ll receive realtime access to our reporting portal, designed in collaboration with the world’s top anti-piracy officers. It will give the best possible overview of your IP online.


As piracy is an ongoing problem, our system will continue scanning for compliance and (re-)uploads for your content to ensure the shortest possible piracy uptime.

Link Busters

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Link-Busters has only been in business since 2010 and still holds the record for the most links and unauthorized copies removed in many segments.

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